I want you to know that I bless the day I found out about your farrier service.  First of all, I have never met a person with such a broad knowledge base about horses, and I have been around horse people all of my life.  Secondly, you seem to have some sort of connection to the individual horses themselves.  It is truly uncanny. Last and certainly not horses have the prettiest, and healthiest feet.  You know that, when I got him, SoSo was almost lost to hoof problems...certainly not ridable....then you showed up, and with consistent care and lots of love, he is better then ever.....we enjoy his strong gait and friendly mannerisms.  I also love the way the horses get excited when they see you pull into the farm.  Johnny especially loves his service!  Thank you for all you do....and for many more years to come, hopefully!
Dr. Cindy Montgomery
Honey Ridge Farm

"I have a horse, the love of my life of course, and he kept having stone bruises one right after another. When I took him into the Equine Specialist veterinarians office when Ringo came up lame yet again, they x-rayed his hooves and it showed that he had extremely paper thin soles which is why he kept having so many stone bruises even with his metal shoes on all four feet at all times. They told me that some horses don't develop thick enough soles when they are babies if they are kept stalled or have poor nutrition. My horse Ringo had been kicked by his own sire when they took his Mom back to be re-bred when he was only two weeks old. He had to have his leg in a cast and it had to be changed every other day since babies grow so fast. So he was stalled of course and I would assume that is when he didn't develop the soles properly. I was told by the vets that his sole would never get any thicker and that he would always either be having stone bruises or I would have to put pads under his shoes but they cause all kinds of other problems such as thrush or other fungus or bacterial problems if kept on too long.

I discussed all this with my farrier, Shannon Cole and we were going to try putting the epoxy on the bottom of his soles to see if that would work. Shannon had told me that she had done with another horse and it made the sole even more fragile because it kept it moist and didn't allow any air flow to the sole. So I decided to explore other options. I have gotten the Trailrider Magazine for over ten years and I remember seeing an ad for plastic horseshoes. I went and found a copy and looked at the website online. I talked it over with Shannon and we both agreed that it might work and that we should give them a try.

Shannon ordered some of the Ground Control Horseshoes and watched a video online on how to put them on correctly and came over and put them on Ringo to see how he would do with them. It was nothing short of a miracle. This horse that acted like he was walking on eggshells and was limping like an old man all the time all of a sudden was walking like a normal horse! Shannon said to take him out and see how he did on the gravel driveway. Not only did he walk on the gravel like it wasn't there, he started gaiting on it! I am 100% sold on these shoes and recommend them to everyone, not only for horses that have problems but to all horses as well. So thank you so much for inventing these for me and Ringo! And a special thanks to Shannon Cole for being so helpful and willing to try something outside the box!" - Melissa Wolff


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