I provide trimming and shoeing services to help horses achieve the best movement for their conformation and discipline. I have the most experience with English riding, hunter jumper, Gaited and driving horses.
Trims- miniature horse and miniature donkeys -$40

Trims- horse $45

Draft-crosses up to size 4- $80

Front shoes-$100  Draft crosses-$120 

All 4 feet shod (ponies and horses)-$160

Draft crosses-$180    Wedge pads $7 per foot  

Equine Sports Massage $80 per hour

Unruly horses may have a higher fee as I see fit. I charge $50 per 30 minutes to train the horse to stand. 

Returned checks will have a fee of $35. Cancelled appointments within 24 hours of the appointment will have a $40 cancellation fee or the cost of the visit unless they are rescheduled in a timely manner. There is a $20 late charge on all payments not received the day the horse is trimmed or shod or if I have to hold a check. 

There will be a $25 per county charge outside of the Metro area for fuel.
To schedule an appointment call 214-662-6705 or e-mail at happycarriage@peoplepc.com .
I look forward to helping you and for your horse to move and feel better.




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