Healing the world, one horse at a


      My name is Shannon Cole. I am a female farrier. I am a life long horsewoman and I became a farrier in the summer of 2009. I ran into the same problems time and again with other farriers I had hired, taking care of my own personal horses which I use to make my living running Happy Trails Carriage Service. The farriers were late, did not even show up, were unavailable in emergency situations, did not return calls or did sloppy and careless work which caused immense headache, stress and many problems, including soreness, lameness and behavioral problems. This was not only a problem for my horses, but my business.   

     I finally got fed up and took my horses to the Oklahoma State Shoeing School in Ardmore for several years, at least once a month, where I stayed all day learning exactly what was done to each one of my horses, and got to see and learn about other horses that were in that day. Then for another year and a half, I took my horses to the Texas Horse Shoeing School where I learned even more and began doing some shoeing myself on my own horses under the guidance of John Burgen. He is a wonderful instructor.  It was in the fall of 2008 that I met my friend, fellow farrier and mentor, Joan Green who I cannot thank enough!  She kindly took me under her wing in early 2009 as her apprentice and I still call her with questions.

     I think we can never stop learning. I have read textbook after textbook and watched countless hours of video on correct shoeing, therapeutic shoeing, balance and hoof care.  I ride along with fellow farriers to expand my knowledge as much as I can.  I attend numerous clinics by the top farriers in the world and was at the International Hoof Care Summit in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. I have become a member of the American Association of Professional Farriers which requires continuing education credits to stay in good standing. I am certified through the AAPF as level APF1, and must have 24 continuing education hours per year to stay in good standing with the association which I believe is very important for self growth. You can look up my credentials and how many current hours I have at https://professionalfarriers.com/ The situations and experiences I have had on this journey are eye opening to say the least.  I am all ears when it comes to instruction from a veterinarian or medical professional. My goal is to help horses move and feel better and to have beautiful feet. 

      I am a professional business woman who has run her own horse and carriage company for over 18 years, and I take pride in my work.  I will be on time to the best of my ability, do my best work always and will be fair with pricing.  I use 2 different hoof stands to make your horse be in the most comfortable position for trimming and shoeing. I always handle your horse as quietly and as kind as I can.  I have worked with many abused and rescue horses, who need an extra gentle approach. It is all about our energy and how we approach any living creature as to how it will respond back to us. Horses only mirror us and if we are off balance they are sure to let us know quickly.

    For some of my clients, I use my Reiki healing. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher as of February 2006. This year of training changed my life and I use it on sore, lame and injured horses and people. Horses have no judgement and accept it easier than humans. As of the Fall of 2015, I went to school for 8 weeks and became a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist  through the Kekino Massage School in Plano, Texas under the instruction of Jeannie gentry. This skill set has enabled me to work on my clients horses with massage before I trim or shoe them and to help them be better balanced all around. My goal is to heal horses from the ground up. As of December 2018 I have added a PEMF machine to the practice to help speed healing in the hooves and bodys of horses. To read about it go to www.magnusmagnetica.com 

The two hooves pictured above and below are Ground Control Horseshoes, which are a polyurethane plastic that helps horses have better traction and support. The whole bottom of the hoof is protected, and is the closest thing to being barefoot as the shoes weigh 1/3 of the normal weight of a steel shoe. All of my personal carriage horses are in them and loving them. They also reduce concussion to the joints and help horses with all kind of therapeutic needs. 

Above are the finished shod fronts. 

 Call or e-mail me today to help your horse move, and feel better!





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